Pension-Led Funding

Fully approved by HMRC, pension-led funding is a real alternative to traditional business lending. Many businesses either do not wish to raise funds from the banks or are unable to meet their lending criteria. Pension-led funding can provide a viable option.

Our recommended pension experts can help you take control of your pension. There are no age restrictions and no credit checks. In some situations up to 100% of your pension fund value can be used for lending purposes. However, in most situations this will be 50%.

Your pension funds can be used to:
• Raise money for you or your business – maximum of 50% of the pension fund value and the loan can be used for any purpose
• Purchase commercial property – maximum of 50% of the net fund value. Note pension loanbacks to connected parties must be secured against assets by way of a first legal charge against appropriate assets
• Lend money to unconnected third parties – up to 100% of the net fund value. These loans do not need to be secured against assets
• HMRC Approved Schemes
• UK pensions only
• No age restrictions

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